The Pet Part 1 - The Introduction

“Don’t go to him”, his owner told her. “Turn around, bend down and spread your cheeks and make him come to you. After all, he is the slave here.”

Lorraine did as was suggested and ordered Kim to come and lick her arsehole. Awkwardly, Kim crawled over to her on his knees and it was only then that the four friends noticed that string had been wound tightly around each of his testicles, with the other end attached to his knees.

As he crawled towards Lorraine, her puckered arsehole bared invitingly ready for his tongue, each movement of his legs pulled tightly on the string attached to his testicles, pulling his balls an impossible distance away from his groin. The four friends could only imagine the pain that this cause him and wondered why anyone would want this to happen to them. But then they realised that Kim quite simply lived for the pain and humiliation. It was all he knew. It was what he craved.

Finally, Lorraine could feel his hot breath on her buttocks and she jumped slightly as his tongue found her anus, the feeling sending shivers of delight through her whole body.

As Kim continued to French kiss her arsehole, his owner explained, “Despite his love for my arsehole…well, everyone’s, really!!…I don’t think I could get him to eat my shit. But he is willing to lick you clean for you after you’ve taken a shit…if you hide the toilet paper, that is. You might like to try that,” she added with a wicked grin.

By now, Lorraine’s arsehole was covered with Kim’s saliva, making it wet and slippery. With every probe, Kim’s tongue slipped further and further into her rectum, bringing her almost instantly to the point of orgasm.

“Now,” Kim’s owner said, as she handed Sally a string of anal balls. “Would you like to push these into his arse, please? And Jess,” she added, handing the sixteen-year-old a wooden kitchen spoon, ”seeing as you’re the smallest, will you get down between Lorraine’s legs and hit Kim’s balls with this? He simply adores the extra pain of having his tied bollocks hit with something hard when they’re already so sensitive from being bound with string.”

As Sally slowly inserted the beads one by one into Kim’s arse, Jess crawled down between Lorraine’s legs and started to hit him again and again, just as his owner had suggested.

The anal balls increased in size from about half an inch diameter for the first to about an inch and a half for the sixth and Sally and Jess managed to synchronise their actions so that every time a new ball disappeared into Kim’s arse Jess would hit each of his testicles in turn as hard as she could.

As each ball was sucked into Kim’s anus and as each blow struck his ultra sensitive testicles, his head flinched from Lorraine’s greedy arsehole, causing her to moan with displeasure. To combat this, his owner told Liz to place her hand on the back of Kim’s head to hold it in place, buried deep between Lorraine’s arse cheeks.

Lorraine, in turn, pushed her hips back hard into Kim’s face, her need for his tongue inside her arsehole already insatiable.

Every time Jess hit his ever-reddening testicles, his whole body jerked but, held in place by Liz’s hand, his mouth never broke contact with Lorraine’s soaking wet arsehole. The grunts of pain deep in his throat only served to excite the friends even more and Sally, Liz and Jess could feel the dampness in their knickers as their pussy juices began to flow.

When the biggest of the anal balls had disappeared inside his rectum, Kim’s owner told Sally to take a firm hold of the piece of string that was all that was left showing out of his anus and get ready to pull them back out as hard and as fast as she could. She also told Jess to get ready to hit his testicles as hard and fast as she could, too.

“Usually,” she explained, “when I pull the balls back out of his arse, he cums instantly because that’s how he’s been trained, but I told him just before you got here he’s not to cum now. He’s yours now, at least for a couple of days, and he’s only allowed to cum when you tell him he can.”

“Oh, that’s another thing I need to tell you,” she continued. “If he does cum without your permission, feel free to punish him in whatever way you feel. You have total carte blanche in that respect. Be as hard as you want with him. He is expressly forbidden to cum until allowed but he’s only ever had to serve me. He’s not used to being abused by four women at once and he may lose his normally excellent self-control.”

“Now, I will count to three and when I get to three, Sally you can pull the balls out his arse, Jess you hit his testicles as hard as you possibly and Liz and Lorraine you both push as hard as you can so that he can hardly breath. Let’s see if he’s going to be a good little pet and obey me and not cum, shall we?”

As she got to “three”, the friends did as instructed. Kim’s whole body went rigid. The feeling of the balls leaving his body, combined with the pain in his testicles and having his face buried deep in Lorraine’s arse was like no other on earth to him and it was all he could do to stop himself from cumming.

He still managed to hold himself in check even when Liz, instructed by his owner, bent down and started to masturbate him as hard as she could, while sucking the head of his cock far into her mouth. But when his owner told Sally and Lorraine to lie on the floor and suck each of his balls and Jess to fuck his arse hard with the handle end of the kitchen spoon, he simply couldn’t stop himself and he came hard in Liz’s mouth.

“Don’t swallow,” his owner told Liz. “He should really be punished severely for that but, as it’s his first time with four woman at once, we’ll let him off with only a small punishment. One of his favourites, actually. I do this to him quite often, when he’s been naughty but not really bad.”

His owner told Liz to spit Kim’s cum into a baby’s potty that was nearby. Then she asked if any of them needed to pee. Jess said she did and Kim’s owner pointed to the potty and said, “take your jeans and knickers off and do it in there, honey. But, when you’re done, just put your jeans back on. Leave your knickers off.”

Jess did as she was told and, as her piss mixed with Kim’s cum, his owner said, “right, when you’ve finished, don’t forget to let Kim lick your pussy dry for you.”

Despite knowing that he was just about to be punished for cumming without being told, Kim gladly licked the drops of piss that still clung to the sixteen-year-old’s lips. While he was doing this, his owner took Jess’s knickers and dipped them in the mixture of cum and piss in the potty, making sure that they were as soaked as they possibly could be.

When Jess’s knickers were totally saturated, his owner pulled his head away from Jess’s pussy and held them just above his greedily parted lips and squeezed all of the teenager’s pee into his mouth. Kim drank it down like it was nectar from the gods and when his owner pushed Jess’s knickers into his mouth, he chewed furiously on them, squeezing the rest of the young girl’s piss out of the soaking wet material.

Taking the knickers back out of his mouth and handing them to Sally, Kim’s owner told her to do just exactly as she had done and, when Kim had drunk another knicker-full of Jess’s piss, Sally gave the knickers to Liz and who repeated the exercise. Finally, Lorraine drenched the underwear in another load of the sixteen-year-old’s urine, leaving a small pool of the golden liquid in the bottom of the potty, and was just about to squeeze it all back out again into Kim’s mouth when his owner told her to simply put them in his mouth, not squeeze them out.

“This time,” she said, “we’re going to gag him with them. Push them in as far as they will go, Lorraine”, she said, “and wrap this masking tape around his head to keep his mouth shut tight.”

“Oh, one last thing. Liz, would you mind taking off your knickers please honey? Stretch them out and tie a good sized knot in both ends then dip them in what’s left of Jess’s piss, please. Once you’ve done that, can push them as far as they’ll go into his arse, but not all the way otherwise you’ll have a hell of a job getting them out again. Leave just one of the knots showing, honey. It’s a lot easier to get them out if you’ve got something to grab hold of!!”

“OK,” his owner concluded once Liz had finished, “he’s all yours. Take him and do with him what you want to. It’s entirely up to you what you do. He should do anything you order him to but remember, if he doesn’t, punish him and punish him properly so that he learns not to disobey you again.”
“There’s a suitcase downstairs in the hall with all the things I use to give him pleasure and pain and for him to pleasure me. There’s a whole load of everyday household things in there like string, candles, rubber bands, clothes pegs, a tin of hat pins and some other useful things like a funnel and some rubber tubing, but also some quite expensive medical instruments and my collection of dildos, vibrators, anal beads, ball gags, clamp gags and mask dildos. Oh and plenty clamps and weights and whips and paddles. Take it with you and make sure you use everything that’s in there. He will expect you to and will be disappointed if you don’t.”

“Remember, he loves drinking piss and licking arse - If you can think of a way to combine the two that would be so special for him. And don’t forget to feed and water him once in a while – and if what you give him to eat and drink comes out of your own bodies, so be it,” she added with a wicked grin.

Kim’s owner cut the string that tied his balls to his knees to make it easier for him to walk and bent down in front of him, parting her arse cheeks so that he could kiss her goodbye in the only way he knew how.


The four friends simply couldn’t wait. The ten-minute taster (oh, and wasn’t that a great description of what they’d just seen?)they’d just been treated to had made them all soaking wet and they all agreed that they couldn’t think of anything more exciting than the prospect of abusing, humiliating, hurting, dominating Kim for the next two days.

My Story - The Pet Part 1 - The Introduction